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About the Story

Straddling the bookshelves somewhere between psychological study, historical horror story, and fantasy fiction sits Emilie Autumn's bestselling novel, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls.


The Asylum... is the literary creation that altered the course of Emilie's career and changed the perception of who she was in the minds of both fans and friends. Culled directly from Emilie's real-life diary entries, the story begins with Emilie's suicide attempt and prompt imprisonment inside a psychiatric hospital for her actions as well as her bipolar disorder which is wrongly assumed to be the cause of them. The tale takes an unexpected turn when, whilst still in the psych ward, Emilie discovers evidence of a parallel dimension—a world that soon becomes indiscernible from her own. As the days drift on, the seemingly disparate worlds of the story's two lead characters (Emilie and Emily, her Victorian counterpart) begin to merge.


The Asylum... is a profoundly moving saga of suffering, sisterhood, and revenge that has empowered thousands of readers to create communities wherein the "unique" amongst us can support one another and cultivate pride in what makes us different.


Prepare yourself to enter a world most pray never to visit. But beware: It is much easier to get into the Asylum than it is to get out...