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The Asylum Oracle



Dearest Plague Rats,

I introduce to you a truly epic oracle deck using 50 iconic symbols from within our Asylum universe (plus one blank card for you to draw your own image upon)! I've created this deck specifically to tap into your subconscious truth and put you in touch with your own divine spirit, but it can also be used for divination, a tool for meditation, a path toward wholeness and healing, a creativity boost, or simply for daily inspiration and guidance direct from the Asylum to you!

Finally, I will be signing the first 100 copies of this printing of The Asylum Oracle for no additional charge!

The Details:

~ 51 extra large sized cards (3.5" by 5.75", significantly larger than standard tarot cards).
~ Very thick matte laminate card stock that literally whispers in your hands as you shuffle.
~ Antique gold foil edges on cards.
~ Packaged in a sturdy laminate box with a black interior, printed all over with the Asylum striped wallpaper and embossed title.
~ Includes gorgeous 150 page guidebook with detailed meanings for each card, along with dozens of guided meditations, mental journeys, sample spreads, advice for how to use and care for your cards, and exercises to do with your Oracle to make it truly speak to you.

Designing this deck, drawing the artwork, writing the meanings and meditations, even choosing the card stock, paper quality and finish, type of inks, every minute detail—the entire journey has changed me, for I imagined it in your hands at each moment. I imagined us reading these cards together, going on the most mind-blowingly intense journeys, and so I made it my mission to create something very different, very special, and absolutely perfect for an Inmate who is ready to go DEEP. This deck truly represents the best in us, and the best of what we can, and will, become. I can't wait to send it to you, with my own paws, and with all my love...

~EA, Inmate W14A

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Portugal Portugal
My dear friend

I just love this oracle. It irradiates love and positivity. Upon purchase I was a little worried that the designs seemed unfinished but when I had her with me everything made sense and I just loved everything. This oracle works wonderfully even if you haven't read EA's book. Everything is carefully explained on the companion book and at the same time it leaves room for your own interpretations so you can start your own story. The quality is amazing and it was beautifully packaged with a little note from EA herself and some freebies. Thank you so much!

United States United States
Will Never Be Without Her

I absolutely adore this oracle and she is my constant companion. The quality is outstanding, the packaging is superb, I can feel all the love that went into making this amazing item!

United States United States

The Asylum Asylum Oracle deck is beautiful beyond words and magical beyond the imagination. While it looks stunning in the pictures, it is even more magnificent in person, and the energy of the deck is absolutely palpable. Gorgeous in design and crafted of the finest quality, it is a must-have for anyone who wants to widen their perspective and invoke magic into their lives.


Fast shipping and great extras... the cards are beautiful and are a real treasure to own. I got mine signed by Emilie...

Miles C.
Wife loves it

Just got the cards today my wife loves she has tears of joy when she saw what was witten on the shipping paper and when she saw the signature on the box as well. Your books and music got her through a lot of tough times this made her day she is overwhelmed with joy by the cards.

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