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The Asylum Music Manuscript Notebook

Asylum Coloring Book on Amazon

Compose your masterpiece with The Asylum Music Manuscript Notebook: Blank Sheet Music Staff Paper for Musicians and Composers!

Emilie Autumn has been composing since the age of 5, always writing out her works on staff paper before recording a note. Now, you can use the very same composition notebook that she does whether you’re writing out songs, symphonies, or simply doing music theory exercises.

Every page features 12 staves set against a backdrop of shadows, tea-stains, and the rats you expect from any Asylum publication, all to inspire you on your musical journey.


• 100 pages with 12 staves on each page

• Pages are decorated to inspire your creativity

• Pages are numbered so you can fill in the customizable Table of Contents page for easy reference

• Durable, glossy cover and binding

• Dimensions: 8.5” x 11”

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