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"Secret Message Rosemary Vial" Handmade Necklace, Limited Edition of 20

A Note From EA:

With the handmade Limited Edition Asylum treasures selling out so quickly this past week, I've been staying up through the nights to create a few more items for this holiday season, and thus I offer you this very limited edition of 20 handcrafted necklaces featuring:

~ One secret hand-written note each containing the lyrics from one of my songs as well as my signature (ALL 20 notes are different—none will be repeated)
~ A sprig of wild rosemary from the Asylum gardens (you all know how important rosemary is to us Inmates as told in the song "Goodnight, Sweet Ladies")
~ A gold-tinted amethyst shard
~ All tucked into a large glass vial from which dangles a key to open your Asylum cell so that you can escape during the night
~ Strung on a long bronzed chain with secure clasp

No two necklaces are the same—each is a unique creation, just like those who will wear them as they march forth in beauty and truth.

I poured all of my magic into these pieces as I made them, chanting spells, singing the songs that inspire them—I know you will feel this when you wear them over your heart.

~EA, Inmate W14A

Note: As this item is limited edition and one-of-a-kind, and shipped to you by Emilie personally, it cannot be re-sold, and so we cannot offer cancellations, returns, or exchanges on this item.

Another Note:

~ The rosemary enclosed in the glass vial is fresh at the time of shipping, but will dry out over time, as is intended. It will however remain fragrant for a long time.
~ The cork closing the vial is left unglued in case you would like to take out any of the contents, or add in items of your own. This does mean that the necklace is not entirely secure as the vial could loosen from the cork and fall. We recommend gluing the cork into the vial if you would like it to remain secure.
~ You may attempt to remove the note from the vial if you wish, but please know that it is difficult to do so.


• Handcrafted and autographed by EA 
• Limited Edition of only 20
• Hand-drawn and painted design (allow for slight differences from the item pictured as no two are exactly alike)
• Packaged in an autographed gift box

*Please Note: This item ships separately from other items. If you order additional items, they will arrive in different shipments. In this case, you will receive multiple tracking numbers by email.

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