Girls! Girls! Girls!: Instrumental Version (MP3 Download)


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Sample the track: 
Girls! Girls! Girls! (Instrumental Version)

Learn more about the complete album (with vocals).

Other instrumental tracks available:
Fight Like A Girl


Dearest Plague Rats,

Having received hundreds of requests for instrumental-only versions of my songs over the years, I had begun to consider the idea of releasing a select few of my works as Instrumental-Only (a.k.a. Karaoke) versions, but, if I'm honest, I wasn't quite convinced. It seemed an odd thing to do, and a bit revealing at that (we crazy musicians live in terror of our music not being heard precisely as we intended).

Then, having been tipped off to this amazing performance, I spent 27 consecutive hours clicking through YouTube and watching video after video of Plague Rat performances (your dancing, your singing, your wild creativity) all using my music as your accompaniment. Not only honored but entirely blown away by your talent, I wanted to show my support for those of you with the sheer bravery to get up on stage and show the universe who you are.

Though many songs were used for burlesque, some for talent contests, some for shadowcasts of my live show, and a lot for belly dancing(!), I found a common element linking these performances together:

Most of you wanted to sing my songs (again, honored!), but had to resort to audio trickery to try and lower the volume of my voice in the mix. I know those tricks, and I also knows that they never entirely work and often end in frustration—the vocals are never completely removed, and significant quality is lost in the music that remains.

So, I want to help. If we're going to do it, let's do it right.

Based on the vast number of performances I watched that used my song "Girls! Girls! Girls!" from Fight Like A Girl, I thought this would be a good tune to start with.

I've removed my lead vocal, but left in the backing vocals as I thought you may have fun with those crazy inmates behind you as you sing. Should you require a version without the backing vocals, let me know, and I'll see what I can do!

Oh, and even if you aren't planning to tread the boards any time soon but would simply enjoy listening to my excruciating attention to musical detail un-distracted by my glorious voice, then this recording is for you too! Besides, without my voice in the mix, you can better hear my xylophone skills, and who wouldn't want that?!

Enjoy, have fun, and if you do use this instrumental track in a performance, PLEASE post a video and let me know about it so that I can watch you and tell the rest of the world to watch you as well!

Giving you the instrumental version of this song is my way of letting you know that I have your back, and I'm right there on stage with you, cheering you on. Now, let's perform together!

~ EA

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