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Auction: 'Portraits' 2 Scores & Pencil *SOLD*

Auction ended at: $8200


For the most extreme collectors, my hand-written orchestral score for 'Portraits' (the newly released song from the Asylum Musical - LISTEN HERE), the Blackwing (Sondheim approved) pencil I used to write it all, AND the same score in its finished, engraved conductor’s manuscript form. Both scores are dated and autographed.



• The Handwritten Score is my actual composer’s score on which I first wrote out this piece. It measures 12” x 16”, and comes in at 24 pages.
The Engraved Conductor’s Score is 8.5” x 14”, and 30 printed heavyweight archival quality pages.
Both scores contain all of the instrumentation and vocals, including the dialogue in the middle of the song which does not appear on the new recording, but will be in the show. With this score you would hypothetically be able to perform the song in exactly the same form as the recording, triangle part and all.
• This is the version that will be presented in the first Asylum Musical workshop this Spring, and you *alone* can have access to it first!
Both scores are wrapped in ribbon and bear the official wax seal of the Asylum. They are shipped in protective packaging.

Wasn't this on Instagram already?

You may have seen this Auction previously over on IG, but the very extraordinary winning Plague Rat has asked that I re-list this prize as his intention by winning the auction was to support the Asylum Musical and our benefitting organizations, in this case, The Trevor Project. He wishes the actual physical items to go to another Plague Rat, and has requested that they be put back on offer. I am hereby respecting his wishes, and this gives all of you another chance to win this most special of collector's items!


This item will ship to the winner within 2 business days of payment, and at no cost, regardless of location.

Benefitting Organization

Today we are again benefitting The Trevor Project because call centers are constantly lacking resources, and I believe in the power of one anonymous person to provide that life saving moment of contemplation. If I had the time I would volunteer to be picking up those phones, but lacking that, sharing what I can is the best that I can do. Thank you for joining me in this!

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