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Auction: 'I Remember Mornings' Original Song Writing Notes *SOLD*

Auction ended at: $1350 


The Original Song Notes for 'I Remember Mornings' from the Asylum Musical (LISTEN HERE). This is indeed the actual page, torn from my writing notebook, on which I originally developed the song whilst sitting in bed.

I wrote loads about this little page, it's importance, and broke down what it meant, how the whole song developed from these notes, and how you can employ the same techniques in your own writing, and you can read all of that HERE.



• Page measures 5” x 8”
Autographed on back
• Shipped in protective packaging, ready to frame


This item will ship to the winner within 2 business days of payment, and at no cost, regardless of location.

Benefitting Organization

Today we are again benefitting The Trevor Project because call centers are constantly lacking resources, and I believe in the power of one anonymous person to provide that life saving moment of contemplation. If I had the time I would volunteer to be picking up those phones, but lacking that, sharing what I can is the best that I can do. Thank you for joining me in this!

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