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The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls: Audiobook (MP3 Download Only)

THIS IS AN MP3 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (at less than 30 cents per track!)

(Note: You will receive an e-mail immediately after purchasing containing your download link. You will not receive any physical product in the mail.)

While the beautifully packaged audio box-set version of EA's novel spanning 6 compact discs is available, we understand that CD technology is swiftly becoming archaic. For the many of you without the capacity to play CDs (we couldn't if we didn't happen to have an ancient laptop sitting in the corner), we bring you the long-awaited Asylum Audiobook in downloadable MP3 format.

Spend some quality time with Emilie as she whispers (and occasionally screams) her tale directly into your ear, and brings to life the characters you have come to love, hate, and fear (doctors, rats, and all!).


We have kept the files as true to CD quality as possible, encoding them at 320 kbps, 44.100 kHz, stereo. This results in a large file size (and the book is nearly 8 hours long), so please be aware of this when you download your file, and be sure you are on an internet connection that can handle a file of this size (and also that you have sufficient available disc space).

You will receive:

~ 101 audio tracks

~ 1.05 GB zipped file, expands to 1.17 GB (this is BIG, make space on your iPhone!)

~ Top quality 320 kbps, 44.100 kHz, stereo files in mp3 format

~ Album art and track details included in files and optimized for your iTunes library


This audiobook version of The Asylum... is extremely special in that it is a reading of the ALL NEW version of the book. EA has re-written her original book and this audio recording contains completely new story elements and even a new character! (Oh, and a NEW SONG too!)


Straddling the bookshelves somewhere between psychological study, historical horror story, and fantasy fiction sits Emilie Autumn's debut semi-autobiographical novel, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls.

The Asylum... is the literary creation that altered the course of Emilie's career and changed the perception of who she was in the minds of both fans and friends. Culled directly from Emilie's real-life diary entries, the story begins with Emilie's suicide attempt and prompt imprisonment inside a psychiatric hospital for her actions as well as her bipolar disorder which is wrongly assumed to be the cause of them. The tale takes an unexpected turn when, whilst still in the psych ward, Emilie discovers evidence of a parallel dimension—a world that soon becomes indiscernible from her own. As the days drift on, the seemingly disparate worlds of the story's two lead characters (Emilie and Emily, her Victorian counterpart) begin to merge.

The Asylum... is a profoundly moving saga of suffering, sisterhood, and revenge that has empowered thousands of readers to create communities wherein the "unique" amongst us can support one another and cultivate pride in what makes us different.

Prepare yourself to enter a world most pray never to visit. But beware: It is much easier to get into the Asylum than it is to get out...

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Amber S.
United States


I loved having this audio book with the Queen's voice herself. I listened to it as I read the new eBook. I highly (!!!) Recommend reading TAFWVG this way. Nothing like having the author read it to you herself!

Brittany C.
United States

This is amazing!!!

I cannot describe how wonderful and terrifying this is! The over all story just takes you through so much emotion and hearing her own voice amplifies the feelings. It's as almost if you are there with her! She's so talented! I recommend this to any person!

Randi T.
United States

Loved it as always.

I have the hardcover and paperback versions and the audiobook cd collection. I just wanted another way to read,/ hear Emilie while I'm out and about.

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