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Skype Tea Party Contest

Today, I am delighted to announce something that is very, very special to me...
Here's what's happening: EVERY DAY for one week, beginning today, October 25th, I am going to choose ONE Plague Rat at random to have a 20-minute Skype Tea Party with! In this Skype session, you can ask me anything, but MOST IMPORTANTLY we are going to talk about YOUR goals and dreams and how, together, we can make them come true through the power of positivity, planning, and magical manifestation Asylum-style. I love you, I believe in you, and I am more than excited to learn about your dreams and how we can work together to achieve them.

How can you enter the contest? How are the daily winners chosen? Here we go!

1. Make the new Asylum Musical: Behind the Scenes album yours any time between NOW and November 1st. (If you've already purchased the new album, don't worry, I've got the details for you in the FAQ below!)

2. Each night of this 7-day period, beginning tonight at 12:00 A.M. PST, I will choose ONE PLAGUE RAT at random from all who have downloaded the new album that day.

3. I will announce the winner the next morning on all my social media pages (follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter to make sure you don't miss the announcement!), AND I will personally e-mail you to schedule a time for our Skype Tea Party.

In case this is a bit confusing (and because brevity is not the soul of my wit), here is an FAQ to help out (if you have additional questions, feel free to ask, we are always here for you):

Q. What if I have already purchased the new album? Can I enter the contest?
A. Don't worry, I would NEVER exclude you!! If you have already purchased the new album, no, you don't need to order it again. In fact, you're already entered! Tonight, I will randomly choose 10 PLAGUE RATS who have purchased the album prior to today, October 25th, to receive the same prize of a 20-minute Skype Tea Party Magical Manifestation session. If you are chosen, I will post your name on my social media pages AND I will personally email you tomorrow, October 26th to schedule our chat.

Q. Can I enter the contest more than once?
A. Absolutely! If you're a truly mad Plague Rat and you want to order the album multiple times per day (perhaps you are gifting it to a friend), OR you want to order the album on multiple days (what lucky friends you have!), I'm not going to stop you, and your order will certainly be eligible for the randomly chosen prize.

Q. Why do I have to purchase the new album to enter?
A. I doubt this will apply because you have most likely already downloaded the new music or were planning to, because NEW MUSIC!!, and music is the reason we are all here together. But just in case you were asking (for a friend;), the reason is that there are not enough hours in a day to Skype call each of you (though I would love that), AND most of the questions I have been emailed have had to do with the new album, what's going on with the musical, how do I write (yes, I will absolutely tell you my process), etc., and so I thought this would be a perfect way to answer anything you are curious about.

Q. Are the winners truly randomly chosen?
A. Yes indeed! It is the fairest way to go about it, I believe. I will mix up the orders of the day, close my eyes, and choose one, so that YOUR chances of winning are as good as anyone else's:).

Q. If I win a Skype session, can we have a sing along?
A. Of course! Let's sing the pirate song together, "Up She Rises"! But, most of all, I want to learn about YOU!
And finally, if you haven't already downloaded the FREE LYRICS BOOKLET for the album, click the link and get on it!
Thank you from EA