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The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls: Behind the Musical (MP3 Download)

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You will receive:
~ 10 audio tracks
~ Hand-written lyric booklet in PDF format to read or print out
~ 183 MB zipped file (containing album and booklet)
~ Highest quality 320 kbps, 44.100 kHz, stereo files in mp3 format
~ Album art and track details included in files and optimized for your iTunes library


1. The Asylum Opens
2. Private Practice (Dr. Sharp, Emilie)
3. Presentation of the Biggest Spoon (Sir Edward & The League, Emily)
4. Up She Rises (The Captain, Emily & Inmates)
5. The Spider's Face (Dr. Stockill)
6. Very Strange (Thomson, Emily)
7. I Remember Mornings (Madam Mournington)
8. Nothing (Dr. Stockill, Emily)
9. Don't Kiss Me (Veronica, Inmates)
10. From the Gutter to the Stars (Emily, Veronica)

All words and music written, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Emilie Autumn in The Asylum.

A Word from EA:

A new collection of music is blasting through the bars of our sharply spiked gates, and I couldn't be more excited for you to hear it.

What does "behind the musical" mean, you may fairly ask?

It means that, while there is still a jaw surgery to come, and I cannot yet perform, I CAN SING (temporarily), and thus I can now share with you what really goes into the making of a Broadway-bound show/film. Before the world-class actors and singers are brought on board, songs are given to them to learn and practice with. And who sings those songs? You know the answer to that one!

As on the FIGHT LIKE A GIRL album which contained several numbers from the Asylum Musical, I sing and record all roles myself to show our ultimate performers their job. Someone does this for just about every musical, but those recordings rarely see the light of day, nor do they reach the ears of the audience who only knows the music once the show opens.

But YOU! You will know, well, not everything (the show is LONG and I've got to hold back *some* surprises!), but quite a lot indeed, for this new album gives you 10 songs, a few of which I will of course be singing in the show (those featuring Emilie/Emily), but also songs to be sung by Madam Mournington, Sir Edward and his League of Asylum Plague Rats, Thomson, Veronica and her fellow Inmates, the Captain, Dr. Sharp, AND Dr. Stockill himself, heard here for the very first time!

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I think there will always be something very special about these first versions done on my own, for, no matter how the Asylum grows, how far the Plague spreads, this is where it will always begin, in its purest form, just me, in a tiny room, in the dark, with the friends (and enemies whom are still my friends) inside my mind coming to life through my one small voice, because they desperately want to speak to YOU.

~EA, Inmate W14A🥄


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Alex S.
United Kingdom

Happy birthday to me

Treated myself to this for my birthday (cool to learn I share the date with Emilie) Wonderful to listen to, highly recommend for anyone invested in the asylum and it's inmates. Deepens the already emotional journey Emily takes us through

Jackline Y.
United States

love, love, love. only negative

love, love, love. only negative from the experience is having to wait for the rest. so much excitement for the full musical

Adria J.
United States

Behind the Musical

While I have come to expect nothing less from Emilie than pure imaginative words that sing echoes through the passing time, I still find myself anxious with glee to hear new music and what emotions it will evoke. This latest addition is no exception, and without a doubt, adds more life to the Asylum story by hearing the characters. The songs (with the help of the lyrical booklet with little insights) create a more clear, mental picture that doesn't just define the characters physically, but brings out the colors of their souls. The music is a wondrous break in the hum drum day, whisking you off to another plane of existence, if you are so willing to allow yourself to be taken there...

Laurajane C.
United Kingdom

A rollercoaster of a tease!

I didn't doubt Emilie for a moment, but I don't consider myself a musical fan. However, this album is a work of art regardless of my usual music tastes. There is a song for every mood, and every song is truly a character study. The Spiders Face in particular, I can visualize Stockholm creepily prancing across the stage, speaking of himself with such pride and flexing his fingers at the audience in ways that only a true villan could. I Remember Mornings feels like a true outburst of long suppressed grief. And, as a lesbian myself, From the Gutter to the Stats is utterly beautiful, inspiring, and filled with feminine love. Being absolutely drawn into the world you share with your love, ignoring the stones they throw at you, and turning your cage bars into stripper poles. I could ramble on, I could write paragraphs about Emilie's unique and entrancing vocals, and I could probably write a full book of my own solely from the inspiration this album provides. This work is the most varied, mature, playful and genuinely fun album I've heard in years. Well done, rat queen. You've got my claws raised, always!

Christina L.

Another stunning piece of art... the wonderful and talented Emilie Autumn. As one can clearly see she really dug deep into the musical genre to provide us with these exquisit melodies and lyrics. Been a big fan of musicals for decades now and a big fan of dearest Miss Autumn for years so it makes me really happy to hear it turned out to be this amazing! I'm very looking forward to see this show on stage or even in a movie! Thank you for your hard work, your passion and your time, for everything you give to inspire us and make our days brighter and our nights warmer!

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