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The Asylum Oracle: Reserve Your Signed Deck Now!

Available for order after May 1st

A Note From EA:

Dearest Plague Rats,

I am ecstatic to finally reveal to you the secret project I have been working on: A truly epic oracle deck using 50 iconic symbols from within our Asylum universe! I've created this deck specifically to tap into your subconscious truth and put you in touch with your own sacred magical spirit, but it can also be used for divination, as a guide to your most brilliant life, a tool for meditation, a path toward wholeness and healing, a creativity boost, or simply for daily inspiration.

Presently, the Oracle is being sent to the printer, and an estimated ship date is sometime after May 1st.

Here are a few details about the Oracle that I know you are going to love:

~ 50 extra large sized cards (3.5" by 5.75", larger than standard tarot cards).
~ Thick matte card stock that whispers in your hands as you shuffle.
~ Antique gold foil edges on cards (not shown in photos but going to be AMAZING!).
~ Packaged in a sturdy box printed all over with the Asylum striped wallpaper and with embossed logo.
~ Includes gorgeous 150 page guidebook with detailed meanings for each card, along with dozens of guided meditations, mental journeys, sample spreads, advice for how to use and care for your cards, and exercises to do with your Oracle. 

Finally, I will be signing the first 500 copies of The Asylum Oracle, and, while there will not be an actual pre-order (I'm awful at those), I am offering you the opportunity to reserve your Oracle now to ensure that you get an autographed copy. When the Oracle is ready to ship, you will receive advance notice by email, and will be given three days to complete your order before that reservation is given to someone else (I know you won't let that happen;). 

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You are under no obligation to purchase the deck once it becomes available, but I do beg that you not reserve a signed Oracle unless you do intend to make it yours, as your place will be held.

Designing this deck, drawing the artwork, writing the (lengthy) meanings, even choosing the card stock—the entire journey has changed me, for I imagined it in your hands at each moment. I imagined us reading these cards together, going on the most mind-blowingly intense journeys, and so I made it my mission to create something very different, very special, and absolutely perfect for an Inmate who is ready to go DEEP. This deck truly represents the best in us. I can't wait to send it to you...

~EA, Inmate W14A

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