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"Gothic AF" Ceramic Tea Mug


Emilie Autumn has worn enough pink and white and glitter on stage to choke a unicorn, but there's no denying where she came from, who her first fans were, and the musical genre that embraced her from the very beginning: It's the goths, baby.

EA created this witty "Gothic AF" design to acknowledge her inner goth, but also as a show of gratitude to the beautiful goths of all ages, from all corners of the globe, who supported her from the start when, to be perfectly honest, nobody else did.

So, whether you're wearing your black combat boots every single day rain or shine, or you conceal your dark heart under grown-up blouses and blazers, let's celebrate the goth that lurks in all of us, and say it proud: We're Gothic as F***.


Finally, you can enjoy your tea (or coffee if you must) in this classic ceramic mug in two generous sizes.

• Individually printed by hand in Los Angeles, CA
• Available in 11 oz. and 15 oz. sizes
• Sturdy ceramic
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• White and glossy with a vivid print

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