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Autographed FLAG Album with Custom Dedication

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♥️I have cut the price of this limited edition album in half so that more Ratties who may find comfort in a personalized item at this difficult time can afford to get one. It is my honour to send these to you. ~EA

Dearest Plague Rats,

Due to frequent request, I am making available a very small number of autographed items, each of which I will also write a customized dedication for.

To get your Limited Edition Autographed FLAG Album with Custom Dedication, all you have to do is enter the name you would like the item dedicated to in the "Whom shall I dedicate this item to?" text box above, and I will write something special just for you on the item, then do some magic on it and ship it to you myself (hence the small number of available items—I haven't got much time!).

It gives me the greatest pleasure to give you something personal, something just for you, and only you.

So much love,

~EA, Inmate W14A

The Details

• Autographed limited edition album in fold-out digipack with custom dedication
• Get complete information on the Fight Like A Girl album

Shipping + Returns

This item may ship separately from other items. In this case, you will receive multiple tracking numbers by email.

As this item is customized, limited, and one-of-a-kind, and shipped to you by Emilie personally, it cannot be re-sold, so please review your details carefully before placing your order:).

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Beautiful gift

I bought this album as a gift to myself and couldn't be more thrilled. Emilie not only signed the front cover, but the order confirmation sheet as well (with a cute little doodle) and she wrote her lovely message to me on the inside of the album. I truly felt like she meant what she wrote and it was very touching to me. I will treasure this album for years to come and am so grateful I was able to get it for such an affordable price. I highly recommend this item as a gift to yourself or other Plague Rats. It will not disappoint.

Adam S.
United States United States
Perfectly excellent!

I've been a plague rat for over fifteen years, and this is a beautiful set. I was surprised by the wrapping, Oracle card, and the thoughtful dedication. Truly proud to be a loyal plague rat.

United States United States
Couldn't be happier with my experience.

I am incredibly pleased with the cd and the additional gifts I received. After seeing the Fight Like a Girl concert I promptly purchased the cd from the merch table and knew it would get constant play. Unfortunately, My vehicle had other ideas and promptly ate it when the cd player malfunctioned just a month after the show. I always meant to replace it but when i had checked later physical copies were not widely available and very expensive from secondhand sellers and weren't yet restocked from the source. This cd came thoughtfully wrapped in silver paper with a black velvet bow around it. I received an autographed oracle card as well and the packing slip was even decorated with a drawing, a stylized handwritten message and autographed. My cd is also signed in two places, one on the front for display purposes and the second inside in the closing of the message as though it were a postcard to a dear friend. So many other artists would have simply met the requirement with a generic to:(insert name) followed by an autograph and on to the next. Which is fair, but You went above and far beyond. Thank you for that. To top it all off it was shipped first class,packed carefully, and arrived very promptly. So glad to have this album back again. Thank you so much. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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