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Your Sugar Sits Untouched: Poetry eBook & Audiobook (MP3 & PDF Download)


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Poetry Book with Spoken Word Audio, Originally Released 2000

Written between the ages of 13 and 18, Emilie Autumn's debut poetry book quickly sold out amongst her followers back in 2000, and the audio version has since become a sought after collector's item.

Now, through the magic of digital downloads, this unique spoken word book/album with musical accompaniment can be yours at last! Purchase the digital album and we'll include the PDF file containing all of the pages of the original printed book!

*All words and music written, performed, and produced by EA

You will receive:

~ 46 audio tracks and 1 PDF printable book file

~ 196.8 MB zipped file, expands to 212.2 MB

~ Top quality 320 kbps, 44.100 kHz, stereo files in mp3 format

~ Album art and track details included in MP3 files and optimized for your iTunes library

Sample the tracks:
1. Title
2. Goodbye
3. The Day You Love
4. At What Point Does A Shakespeare Say
5. Blackbird Sonnets
6. Constant
7. Ghost
8. How To Break A Heart
9. Rant I
10. In Praise of Cyrano
11. So Many Fools
12. The Ballad of Mushroom Down
13. The One
14. Space
15. Alas (The Knight)
16. A Letter From A Friend
17. A Plea To The Dying
18. Close
19. Dreams
20. Everybody's Girl
21. Empty
22. Homesick Sonnets
23. Rant 2
24. Little Boy
25. Smirking Girl
26. Try My Best
27. Nearer Than You
28. The Muse
29. The Music I Heard Once
30. If You Could Only Know
31. Funny How Things Change
32. I Didn't Mean You
33. If
34. Visions
35. By The Sword
36. Didn't
37. If You Feel Better
38. Two Masks
39. What Right Have I
41. I Cried For You
42. Rapunzel Sonnets
43. Never Tasted Tears
44. Jump The Track
45. On Artistic Integrity
46. Manipulation


Note on permitted use: Copyright © 2000 The Asylum Emporium, LLC. All rights reserved. The audio recording and literature contained in this product is for personal use only. Distributing or copying this product in any form, except for the buyers personal use (such as in copying audio files to buyer's computer or phone), is strictly forbidden. No part of this product may be replicated and re-sold/publicly shared in any format (no copying files to a USB drive and selling it on eBay, uploading files to another website, including YouTube, etc., because that is both criminal and very rude). Please know that we wouldn't have to put this rather unpleasant sounding bit in here if it did not frequently occur—you'd be shocked. If, however, you would like to use part of this recording in your own private or public non-commercial performances (from karaoke to burlesque, we love it all!), EA would be thrilled, and only hopes you post a link so she can watch what you did:)!

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