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Girls! Girls! Girls! T

$24.95 $30.00


Dearest Children,

This is a crazy soft and comfortable t-shirt screen printed with a brand new design hand-drawn by EA in honor of her song, "Girls! Girls! Girls!" Clever touches abound, including the hidden rats, the 10 cent price tag, and the note, "Half-price after 4 o'Clock." The classic "Asylum Gates" logo is printed on the upper back. This sassy number looks vintage right out of the box, and feels that way too!

~ Sir Edward, Ambassador of the League of Asylum Plague Rats


Standard lady's T-shirt sizes: the fitted S, M, L, and XL we are all familiar with.

Note: These do not have capped or puffed sleeves, but are simply more form fitting than a standard unisex T-shirt. If you are a gentleman of slender build, you can certainly sport this shirt as well!

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