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*Note: This is a Unisex T. Photos to the left are of the same shirt on both a male and female form.*

*Each Shirt Individually AUTOGRAPHED by EA in Permanent Washable Ink*

Dearest Children,

It all began with an old Keith Richards tank top found on a street corner in Hollywood... The word "KEITH" was emblazoned across the chest in all caps, below which was a faded, grungy portrait of Mr. Richards, chin up, eye's narrowed, and looking like he just did not give a f**k. EA bought the shirt for actor and co-star Marc Senter, Rolling Stones fan that he is. He insisted that the shirt looked better on her, and so she wore it. Often with nothing else. One otherwise ordinary day, Marc was gazing at EA in his now favorite shirt, and marketing genius struck. "You need to copy that shirt exactly but with your own name and image!" he exclaimed. "Cute. But totally ridiculous. I could never do that. And you are an idiot," EA replied. Insistant, Marc violently shoved EA up against the wall of film director Darren Lynn Bousman's house and took her mugshot with his iPhone. "I told you so," said Marc, and thus was born EA's most popular bit of merch yet, the "EMILIE" shirt. EA herself now agrees that the only thing better (and more fantastically arrogant) than this t-shirt is herself wearing this t-shirt. And so she does. Often. And yes...thanks Keith...and Marc...idiot...

All tour dates from the 2013 European "Fight Like A Girl" Tour (including Russia!!) are listed on the back, and, as these shirts are generally only available at our live shows, most everyone will assume you were there, which, if you weren't, is just completely marvelous. We won't tell. And besides, you were our black hearts.

~ Sir Edward, Ambassador of the League of Asylum Plague Rats


Generally universal unisex T-shirt sizes: the S, M, L, and XL we are all familiar with.

We consider this splendid t-shirt as "Unisex" as, really, plain old T-shirts always are. Wear it as is over your toned rat muscles, or go bloody lunatic on us, cut it, tear it, tie it, make a damned dress. Or a corset.

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