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The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls: Hardcover

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The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls by Emilie Autumn ~ LIMITED HARDCOVER COLLECTOR'S EDITION

NOTE* This hardcover, illustrated edition will soon be out of print, and will NOT be reprinted. There will be another edition to follow, but it will be in very different format with different content, and will not be available until 2017. This is now the ULTIMATE Limited Collector's Edition!

About The Book:

Category: Autobiography, Historical Fantasy Fiction, Psychology, Art

~12" by 9", hardcover, 266 pages
~all pages in full color on thick glossy stock
~weighs nearly 5 pounds
~3rd printing, updated and revised from the 2nd printing, and containing additional text and substantial alterations (plus a few new hidden secrets...)

Presenting: The 3rd Printing of Emilie Autumn's long awaited autobiographical, reality-bending, historical thriller!

More Details:

Straddling the bookshelves somewhere between psychological study, historical horror story, and fantasy fiction sits Emilie Autumn's debut semi-autobiographical novel, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls.

Written and illustrated by the successfully manic-depressive musician, this chilling tale combines humor, tragedy, and suspense to produce a blood-curdling account of the nightmare that is life inside an insane asylum, comparing those from the Victorian era with our modern day version, and illustrating, through her own personal experiences, that not much has changed from then to now.

Culled directly from EA's real-life diary entries, the story begins with Emilie's suicide attempt and prompt imprisonment inside a psychiatric hospital. Sparing no detail, Emilie shows us exactly what goes on inside this house of horrors, exposing secrets that the general public could never have guessed at. Narrated with the sarcastic and self-deprecating humor present in all of EA's works, much of the subject matter may be considered controversial. Still, as in her song lyrics, Emilie tells the truth at all costs, thrusting the brave reader into a play-by-play narrative of her bi-polar episodes, even providing photos—blood, cuts, and all.

The tale takes an unexpected turn when, whilst still in the psych ward, Emilie discovers evidence of a parallel dimension—a world that soon becomes indiscernible from her own. As the days go by, the seemingly disparate worlds of the story's two lead characters (Emilie and Emily, EA's Victorian counterpart) begin to merge, leaving the reader, as well as the book's author, rather confused as to whether the accounts are truly autobiographical or whether EA has managed to seamlessly morph from true-life tale to extremely well-researched historical fiction.

The Asylum... is not all gloom and doom however. It is a reality-bending thriller as well as a profoundly empowering tale of suffering, sisterhood, and revenge, that tracks the classic heroine's journey from victim to victorious. The book's colorful cast of characters (diabolical doctors, mental patients, and the talking plague rats and blood-sucking leeches that fans of EA's music are already familiar with) thoroughly entertain, educate, and engross the reader with prime movie material. The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls will leave fans shocked and readers everywhere gasping for air.

Each full-color page of this beautifully bound, 266 page hardcover is positively packed with hand written memoirs, fanciful paintings, photographs, and sketches of the Asylum's inhabitants. This monumental show of literary and artistic talent demands a place on your tea table as well as on your nightstand, although, reader, take care—you'll never think of your doctor in quite the same way again.

Prepare yourself to enter a world most pray never to visit. But beware: It is much easier to get into the Asylum than it is to get out...

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