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Opheliac: The Double Disc Deluxe Edition

Sold Out

This album is currently being held hostage, so we are not allowed to sell it ourselves, but that will soon be ended and EA will never again allow herself to be bullied into record deals with shameless thieves.

Double Disc Deluxe Edition, Originally Released 2006

This ground-breaking Victoriandustrial album previously released only in Europe is now available worldwide! Celebrate the Asylum's world domination with new and exclusive tracks, video, book readings, a booklet of never-before-seen photos and illustrations, and enough B-sides to warrant an additional album-length disc.

This is the work of art that marks Emilie's "before and after" period, signifying the change that becoming an inmate of a real-life insane asylum made to her music, her voice, her image, her psyche, and, indeed, her entire world.

*All music written, performed, and produced by EA, except Track 4, Disc 2, written by Seress/Jávor/Lewis, Track 5, Disc 2, written by Morrissey/Marr, and Track 9, Disc 2, written by J.S. Bach.

Sample the tracks:

1. Opheliac
2. Swallow
3. Liar
4. The Art of Suicide
5. I Want My Innocence Back
6. Misery Loves Company
7. God Help Me
8. Shalott
9. Gothic Lolita
10. Dead Is The New Alive
11. I Know Where You Sleep
12. Let The Record Show
1. Thank God I'm Pretty
2. Dominant
3. 306
4. Gloomy Sunday
5. Asleep (Acoustic Version)
6. Mad Girl (Acoustic Version)
7. The Art of Suicide (Acoustic Version)
8. Thank God I'm Pretty (Shoegaze Version)
9. Bach : Largo For Violin
10. Marry Me
11. Excerpt from the book The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls
12. Interview with EA
13. Album Out Takes
13. Poem : How To Break A Heart
14. Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches

Note on permitted use: Copyright © 2006 The Asylum Emporium, LLC. All rights reserved. The audio recording contained in this product is for personal use only. Distributing or copying this product in any form, except for the buyers personal use (such as in copying audio files to buyer's computer or phone), is strictly forbidden. No part of this product may be replicated and re-sold/publicly shared in any format (no copying files to a USB drive and selling it on eBay, uploading files to another website, including YouTube, etc., because that is both criminal and very rude). Please know that we wouldn't have to put this rather unpleasant sounding bit in here if it did not frequently occur—you'd be shocked. If, however, you would like to use part of this recording in your own private or public non-commercial performances (from karaoke to burlesque, we love it all!), EA would be thrilled, and only hopes you post a link so she can watch what you did:)!

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