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Liar & Dead Is The New Alive EP (Download)


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Double Feature EP, Originally Released 2006

Yes indeed, what started out as a single turned into a double EP with EA's usual spirit of excess, and now what we've got on our bloody hands is nothing short of an album-length, double-feature EP featuring exlusive B-sides, live rarities from the Asylum, and remixes galore, featuring a death metal version of "Liar" by Brendon Small (creator of the Adult Swim hit show Metalocalypse), and more from artists including Velvet Acid Christ, Dope Stars Inc., Spiritual Front, and Angelspit.

*All music written, performed, and produced by EA.

Sample the tracks:
1. Liar (Album Version)
2. Dead Is The New Alive (Album Version)
3. Mad Girl (Exclusive Track)
4. Best Safety Lies In Fear (Exclusive Track)
5. In The Lake (Exclusive Live Track)
6. Let It Die (Exclusive Live Track)
7. Liar (Murder Mix by Brendon Small of Adult Swim's "Metalocalypse")
8. Liar (Manic Depressive Mix by ASP)
9. Liar (Machine Mix by Dope Stars Inc.)
10. Liar (Medical Mix by Angelspit)
11. Dead Is The New Alive (Velvet Acid Christ Club Mix)
12. Dead Is The New Alive (Manipulator Mix by Dope Stars Inc.)
13. Thank God I'm Pretty (Cover by Spiritual Front)
14. Unlaced (Preview Track from the All-Violin Album, Laced/Unlaced)
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