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Laced/Unlaced: Double Disc Violin Album (MP3 Download)


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Double Disc Album, Released 2007

Barely a breath after the unexpected success of Opheliac, Emilie Autumn emerged from her Asylum yet again with Laced / Unlaced, a double disc set featuring, no, not her voice, but her violin skills.

Disc 1, Laced, represents her past, containing the worldwide release of EA's rare teenage classical violin recordings including works by Corelli, Bach, Leclair, and EA's own original compositions, all performed on period Baroque violin, and accompanied by lute, harpsichord, and cello in the style true to the practices of the 17th and 18th centuries. Laced also contais several of EA's never-before-released live classical recordings, showing Emilie's world-class virtuosity long before her launch into the world of rock.

Disc 2, Unlaced, represents EA's future, in a metal-shredding, Yngwie-meets-Paganini-styled romp performed on her famously striped and bloodied electric violin. Written in the harpsichord-laden "Victoriandustrial" style of Opheliac but with a relentless, metal edge, Laced / Unlaced shows the evolution from child-prodigy classical violinist to reigning queen of the "shredolin," and beckons us ever deeper into EA's alternate reality with a flick of her black-nail-polished fingertips.

*All music written, performed, and produced by EA, with the exception of Tracks 1-6 of Disc 1, and 11-13 of Disc 1 Bonus Tracks, written by the composers listed below. 

You will receive:

~ 22 audio tracks

~ 206.5 MB zipped file, expands to 210.3 MB

~ High quality 256 kbps, 44.100 kHz, stereo files in mp3 format

~ Album art and track details included in files and optimized for your iTunes library

Disc I : LACED (featuring Baroque Violin)
1. A. Corelli: La Folia
2. D. Ortiz: Recercada Segunda
3. J. S. Bach: Largo
4. J. S. Bach: Allegro
5. J. M. Leclair: Adagio
6. J. M. Leclair: Tambourin
7. E. Autumn: Willow
8. E. Autumn: Revelry
9. E. Autumn: On A Day...
BONUS TRACKS: Over 40 minutes of EA's never-before-heard live concert recordings!
10. Bonus Track (Prologue by E. Autumn)
11. Bonus Track (Sonata for Violin & Basso Continuo by C. Lonati)
12. Bonus Track (Chaconne by T. A. Vitali)
13. Bonus Track (La Folia by A. Corelli)
14. Bonus Track (Epilogue by E. Autumn)
Disc II : UNLACED (featuring Electric Violin)
1. Unlaced
2. Manic Depression
3. Leech Jar
4. A Strange Device
5. A Cure?
6. Syringe
7. Cold
8. Face The Wall

Note on permitted use: Copyright © 2007 The Asylum Emporium, LLC. All rights reserved. The audio recording contained in this product is for personal use only. Distributing or copying this product in any form, except for the buyers personal use (such as in copying audio files to buyer's computer or phone), is strictly forbidden. No part of this product may be replicated and re-sold/publicly shared in any format (no copying files to a USB drive and selling it on eBay, uploading files to another website, including YouTube, etc., because that is both criminal and very rude). Please know that we wouldn't have to put this rather unpleasant sounding bit in here if it did not frequently occur—you'd be shocked. If, however, you would like to use part of this recording in your own private or public non-commercial performances (from karaoke to burlesque, we love it all!), EA would be thrilled, and only hopes you post a link so she can watch what you did:)!

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