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All words and music written, performed, recorded, and produced by Emilie Autumn in The Asylum.
Mixed & mastered by Ulrich Wild in The Wilderness.
With her new album, Emilie Autumn makes her Broadway intentions ever more clear. Like her live stage show, this is not rock, not for radio, not for MTV. This is musical theatre, rock opera, and proud of it. Experience just a taste of the epic journey that mirrors Emilie's autobiographical fantasy novel, "The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls".


Sample the tracks:
1. Fight Like A Girl
2. Time For Tea
3. 4 o'Clock Reprise
4. What Will I Remember?
5. Take The Pill
6. Girls! Girls! Girls!
7. I Don't Understand
8. We Want Them Young
9. If I Burn
10. Scavenger
11. Gaslight
12. The Key
13. Hell Is Empty
14. Gaslight Reprise
15. Goodnight, Sweet Ladies
16. Start Another Story
17. One Foot In Front Of The Other

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